Sexual and Gender minorities

Society dictates what gender is “normal” and what is deviant. When humans bend gender and sexuality rules, society views it with fear, violence, and rejection. Gender and sexuality minorities face severe stigma and discrimination is all spheres of life, made outcasts and rarely have opportunities to exercise their rights.

Sex Workers and their children

Sex workers are one of the most marginalised communities in India. This is dangerous to the children in these communities as it restricts their access to their fundamental rights, such as quality education. We work to break the cycle of social and economic exclusion to ensure the children of sex workers are equal to any other child.

People Living with HIV

India has over 2.4 million people living with HIV – mostly sex workers and men who have sex with men. We work with HIV-positive transgender people and sex workers to improve and sustain their health and well-being. We support nutritional supplements, mental health support and interventions by creating a social & peer support system.

Urban Poor

The communities that Sangama supports are marginalised, socially ostracised and economically weak. Sexual minorities from poor and/or non-English speaking backgrounds and are facing the brunt of the pandemic.

We Are Focused On Overall Well Being Of Economically Disadvantaged And Vulnerable Communities: Transgender Persons, Sexual Minorities And Sex Workers In Karnataka And Slum Dwellers In Bengaluru City.

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